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Saab Meeting Denmark – Sommerkur 2019

Saab Car Meeting in Denmark

On Saturday, August 18 there was a big SAAB meeting “Sommerkur 2019” at Svend Wind Automobiler in Denmark. SAAB enthusiasts from all over Denmark, from Germany and some even from the Swedish car brand’s homeland had found their way to Höjer.

Although the weather was cloudy and quite cold, there were over 200 Saab cars on set, but one SAAB model ran with the greatest attention. It was Saab T17, The small propeller T17 is one of the defense training aircraft, and yes, it is a SAAB. The man behind the small airplane stunt that surprised everyone and everyone, not least the local SAAB dealers Tanja and Per Vodder, was SAAB enthusiast Peter Olsen from Faarup at Randers.

On Saturday, it was the third year in a row that Tanja and Per Vodder had invited SAAB fans to summer courses in Höjer. Peter Olsen is a SAAB enthusiast. He has had 10-12 SAAB cars since he bought one 11 years ago for the first time. His current model was honored during a show at the SAAB Museum earlier this year.

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