LEGO SAAB 9-5 Wagon

Rolands Kirpis from Latvia is big fan od LEGO, and big fan of Saab too. He decided to make a smaller version of his favorite car – SAAB 9-5 Wagon.

And, as he said, This model was very tricky to build. It’s body is 23 studs wide, but the nose is 22 – 21 stud wide. It also has half-stud mudguards. So building in odd numbers gives you the whole new set of problems. Also that nose angling was a tricky thing to do, but that was necesarry to achieve the proper look. Other challenge was stearing! There are no LEGO part in this stearing arm, that is originally ment for stearing cars. All is done with help of axles, pins, technick connectors and liftarms. But by using this all the wheel doesn’t hit the arche, however the gan between the wheen and arche isn’t that big.