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Strange Owner of a Saab Convertible

Saab 9-3 Convertible confiscated by police from an unscrupulous driver

Last year, the residents of the small Dutch peaceful town of Heeswijk-Dinther were upset by a strange owner of a Saab Convertible. In short, the well-known garage owner (61) from Heeswijk-Dinther drove his Saab without a driver’s license countless times, which ultimately had an epilogue for the police to confiscate his car.

According to the local police, a 61-year-old garage owner from Heeswijk-Dinther makes the mistake time and again by continuing to drive around while he is not in possession of a valid driver’s license. After many recorded violations, in the middle of last year it happened again. On the N279, police officers saw the man driving a Saab. “We were aware that the named person does not have a valid driver’s license and continues to drive on a regular basis,” the police said. According to the police, the garage owner’s driver’s license has been declared invalid for medical reasons.

Because the man has already been ticketed several times, but apparently he doesn’t care much, this time the police ‘took away’ his Saab car, as the police call it. The vehicle is presented to the public prosecutor to dispose of it from the owner. In addition to this official report, the garage owner also received fines for speeding too much, not wearing a seat belt and driving a car from the company’s stock without insurance.

Arrested two months ago

This incident took place less than two months after the man was previously arrested. In April last year, the man was also arrested for driving without a driver’s license and insurance. The man did not want to go to the station to make a statement. After several warnings, he was finally arrested with resistance.

His driver’s license would have been suspended by the CBR due to an investigation into his ability to drive and/or driving skills. This is because there have been six accidents in five years in which the man was involved.

As we can see, this passionate Saab driver is no longer able to participate in traffic, but he does not understand that.

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