iSaab App for Apple Watch

iSaab Apple Watch AppiSaab Apple Watch App

An owner of Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible reportedly created an Apple Watch iSaab Application to control a few functions of his Saab over a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection and  Arduino platform.

The Saab uses PWM @ 960hz for other stuff so he still working on expanding the functions as this develops:


  • This is my project :)

    It’s still a WIP.

    Before anyone calls fake (well, it’s already happened but…) if you’re local I would happily show the components and show it working.

  • Great stuff, James, I am sure the Saab afficionados will be happy to buy your app. I for myself I am definitely interested, however, it would have to be available on Android. What are the prerequisites for it to work? Not sure if my convertible has bluetooth (2005 model, Vector, no built-in phone functionality, so probably a no-go I am afraid…).

  • No models have it. I’ve built an Arduino circuit including a BLE shield (redbear ble shield) and then cabled everything in.

    It would be a solution offered and not just a software app.

    I obviously wrote and programmed the arduino as well as the iPhone/Apple watch app.

    It could be created for android no problem as I’ve tried to use as much open source stuff as possible.

    I will eventually make an android variant but for now whilst it’s being developed it’s iOS as that’s the device I own. :)

  • Hey no such pwm at 960hz
    Everything run on Golan single wire can bus and high speed can bus.

    • 1) use a multimeter and you can measure the voltage drop on the various pins

      2) check out Saab WIS – it clearly states the switch is controlled by PWM @ 960hz (at least it is for my model)

      • James I’m not sure if you will see this, but I was planning on attempting something related in the coming weeks. Do you have any more information on what exactly you tapped into with the arduino? Very much interested

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