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Short Essay on Saab cars

Saab 99 Turbo Rally

Saabs were always an enthusiast’s car. Here’s a short, honest and interesting essay written by the proud Saab owner John Ragnall. In a few sentences, John explained the essence of automotive enthusiasm and fidelity to a specific (Saab) car brand.

Extreme BHP Family

by John Ragnall

So many people ask why car enthusiasts spend so much money and time on our vehicles, it’s for the same reason you go out clubbing or clothes shopping, because we love it.

One of the best things was getting introduced into cars, the new places, new friends and making great memories that contribute to my happiness.

To be honest 90% of the time our cars are maintained to a better standard than most of the normal vehicles we share the road with, but because we have above average noise exhausts or anything that makes us stand out from a regular car we are deemed dangerous drivers or boy/girl racers when in fact we are probably some of the safest due to not purposely wanting to damage something we’ve worked so hard on.

Our cars are an extension of ourselves not just abit of metal we use to get from A to B and that’s it.

Countless hours under the bonnet, the smashed knuckles, snapped tools, empty bank accounts and more swearing than anyone could imagine is all worth it when that key goes into the ignition, start your car and go for a ride no matter where your travelling.

I’m proud to be a car enthusiast regardless of what anyone thinks of myself or my car and will continue to have a passion for them till the day I’m gone.

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