Electric SAAB 96-V

Electric Saab 96Electric Saab 96

This SAAB 96 is converted to an electric vehicle in 2009, and now has a new battery pack (LiFePo4) that allows greater autonomy.

This electric SAAB 96 coincidentally runs on 96 volts that are stored in 16 rechargeable flooded lead-acid deep-cycle 6-volt batteries.  They provide around 50 miles of range if driven carefully.

Owner have actually driven the car up to 95.8 miles on a single charge under ideal conditions on a track.  Driving style makes all the difference.  With electric cars you can experience a “range of ranges.”   This car now has over 10,000 oil-free miles and counting.  The batteries are fully recyclable and are expected to be useful for up to 3-4 years.

Saab 96EV
Saab 96EV

The 100% electric SAAB 96 drops its lead-acid pack for a new lithium pack and enjoys trippple the range and way more performance:

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