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NEVS 9-3 in Tianjin

NEVS 9-3 EV – More than 60% of the car is new!

Swedish media paid a visit to new NEVS Factory in Tianjin, China to see the progress of their EV factory in China.  Swedish journalists from Sveriges Radio and Dagens industri visited NEVS plant in Tianjin last week to see the progress and to hear more...

Nevs 9-3 EV in Trollhatten

Swedish Minister of Infrastructure visited NEVS company

Late last week the Swedish Minister of Infrastructure Anna Johansson visited two large factories in Trollhättan, GKN and NEVS, as reported by the magazine tella.se. GKN is the largest employer in the municipality, and NEVS is number two. Both locations are closely associated with...

Electric Saab 96

Electric SAAB 96-V

This SAAB 96 is converted to an electric vehicle in 2009, and now has a new battery pack (LiFePo4) that allows greater autonomy. This electric SAAB 96 coincidentally runs on 96 volts that are stored in 16 rechargeable flooded lead-acid deep-cycle 6-volt batteries....

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