Ultra rare SAAB 900 Safari

This is a Ultra rare Saab 900 Classic Estate (Safari), one of the two cars remaining.  This  car, a red one, is in The Netherlands at the moment, and other is in the Trollhätan Museum. Saab Safari from 1981 was a sleeper for 20 years at the showroom of a Swedish garage. The owner in The Netherlands  has to sell and create special website for this purpose:


Saab 900 Classic Estate (Safari) from Trollhätan Museum


  • I wish they had produced the estate version, Triumph had had the 2000/2500, and was a lovely car, and with no other ‘class’ uk company making one, this would have been the continuation of a great looking estate car. I had 3 X 2500 estate, and have had 47 C900 vert and 2/3/4/5fr version, but having one of these would have saved me a fortune. A great looking car,

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