ECU T8 Repair Kit for Saab 9-3

Saab's ECU at the new locationSaab's ECU at the new location

After we published a blog post about the successful hacking of the T8 ECU position in the Saab 9-3, a lot of readers contacted us asking how they could get to the Repair Kit.

One of them was Henk Verwoer who wrote us the following: “I regularly read the articles on your site with great interest / pleasure. I drive a 9-3 convertible and a 9-3X myself. Last week I read an article about ‘moving’ the ECU. This article talks about a repair kit. Today I searched for this but did not find it. Can you help me with an internet site or email. Would like to make this modification for both cars. I would love to hear from you. Kind regards, Henk Verwoerd.”

Therefore, here is the answer for Hank and all others who are interested in this issue, ie how to extend the life of the ECU T8, which obviously suffers from the consequences of long-term positioning in a location that suffers from high vibrations and heat.

Saab T8 ECU replaced
Recipe how to cool the Saab ECU

After inquiring where to contact, mr. Salo Yang gave us the answer and contact information: “Hello, Be honestly, we have no experience in online sales for an individual customer. We will discuss this matter internally. Do you have any suggestions?

Before that, they can contact me directly by Email or Whatsapp if anyone interested.

Email: [email protected] Whatsapp: +886 920997922

The price of the repair kit is 2100 NTD (about 62 Euro or 70 USD). Also, payment via PayPal account will be enabled

So now all those interested have all the necessary information and can send an inquiry to the creators of this solution. Mr. Salo Yang and his team, according to them, have no experience in online sales so you have to keep that in mind because they just found an adequate solution to the T8 problem they want to share with the Saab community around the planet.