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Monster: Saab B234 (700hp) in 1956 Morris Minor

Morris Minor 1956 with Saab engine

After Urchfab – Amazing Saab Hot Rod (Classic Hotrod with Saab engine), here’s another interesting swap project –  1956 Morris Minor with 700hp Saab engine.

Saab engine of 700 horses in a Morris Minor 1956 – Kim from Sweden has built a cute monster that you can read about in Bilsport 14-15 / 2016.

This Morris Minor dating from 1956, is a Series II, the last model year which in its time was a straight 4-cylinder engine that left 30 horses and 54 Nm modest. But it was then!

Saab B234

Now, this oldtimer has a new engine – tuned and totally rebuilt Saab B234 engine from saab 9000, pushing around 500 hp on the rear wheels! The owner and builder is Kim Bödtker from Karlskrona, and he says: “Best time I’ve driven is 11.50 in the 402 meters with a huge amount of wheel spin and about 200 horses less…I’m aiming to set a new record!

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