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The First Saab 9000 with an Compound (Twin)Turbo Setup

Fastest Saab 9000

Known Swedish tuner, a member of the Nordic Tuningteam, Andreas Andy Gidlund is actively working on a new unusual Saab project – The first Saab 9000 with an compound turbo setup.

To remind you of some Andy projects: Saab 9000 TwinTurbo  and Saab 9-5 Nordic R – In both cases, Swedish tuners have achieved remarkable results.

His goal is to build the fastest street Saab 9000 with full interior – driven as a daily. This things going to be awesome to see when its done – Ultimate sleeper. As you can see in the pictures, he packed two turbochargers (TD04-19T and TB70-03) in a very small space

Saab 9000 Twinturbo
For now, here are small list of specifications, and of course  tuning will be done by the Nordic Tuning Dalarna:

  • Forged bottom end.
  • Small turbocharger – TD04-19T (400~hp on E85)
  • Big turbocharger – TB70-03 with 11 bladed billet comp wheel (900~hp on E85)
  • HKS 50mm wgs x 3, 2 on the exhuast side and 1 on the pressureside
  • 255l/h walbropumps x 3 (intank)
  • 1680cc fuel injectors
  • upgraded clutch (sachs)
  • 6th speed Quaife gearbox with sidecutted gears for a better ratio

We are waiting for the team to pack this special car and see it on the race track.

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