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The Danish Couple Has Been Driving Only Saab Cars For 25 Years

Thorvald and Eva Madsen have sworn to one particular car brand for many yearsThorvald and Eva Madsen have sworn to one particular car brand for many years

The Danish magazine Avisen published a warm Saab story from the local area about a married couple who have owned and driven only Saab cars for 25 years. Thorvald and Eva Madsen from Sdr. Farup has owned several SAAB cars since 1995, and since then they have not bought any brand other than Swedish one. Today each of the two has one SAAB car, while Eva drives in red, Thorvald drives in burgundy color.

A SAAB simply drives superbly

“A SAAB simply drives superbly” – That is the opinion of 71-year-old Thorvald Madsen, who together with his wife Eva, has sworn to the Swedish car brand for a quarter of a century. In the Danish town where this couple lives, the number of SAAB models has fallen sharply over the last approximately 20 years – and this fact is not related to the fact that the Swedish car brand went bankrupt in 2011.

But in Sdr. Farup you can easily see two cars with the Swedish logo, because 71-year-old Thorvald Madsen and his wife Eva have a SAAB each – and they have not driven in other brands since the mid-1990s.

Saab as the dream car

For the Danish newspaper, Thorvald stated the following – “I have had several cars in my younger days, but SAAB has always been the dream car. It was then on the top shelf of accessible cars, and was a car for the more affluent people in Ribe. However, I could not afford a SAAB, but spent a long time looking for them, so when I found a cheap SAAB 900 in 1995, I decided to buy one. And since then we have had five different models“, says Thorvald Madsen, who was born and raised in Sdr. Farup.

One of the two SAABs, which is in each of their garages, you immediately notice the wipers on the headlights, and inside the ignition lock between the front seats, so typical of Saab cars. Thorvald Madsen emphasizes, however, that according to him there is nothing better to drive. – “The gearshift is just absolutely superb, and it is stable and lies well on the road. It is also a complete pleasure to wash”, he says.

Despite some problems, we love them very much

Today, the couple has a red SAAB from 1997, which they bought in 2004, as well as a burgundy SAAB 9-3 SE from 1999, which Thorvald found in 2018 far up in Sweden. – “Maybe the last one we got was too low for us as we have come up in years. It’s a little harder for us to get in the car, but it just still drives exceptionally, says Thorvald Madsen, while Eva emphasizes that she feels safe in her red SAAB because it is well on the road. “We have ridden on many holidays in SAAB, had bikes in the back, ridden by boat and everything”, they remember together.

What can we say about this nice couple, we wish them many more miles on the road and many other Saab cars in their garages.


  • Hi. Got that beat. Bought our first SAAB in 1971 and have been driving only SAABs for 49 years. Starting in 1998 we have had two SAABs each year. Currently there are a 2010 XWD 9-3 6-speed (175K miles) and a 1998 9000 CES 2.3 5-speed (<60K miles) with us. We've only had 7 SAABs in that 49 years (purchases … 1971, 1976, 1986, 1989, 1998, 2010, 2017). That last one in 2018 was a real find, the 1998 9000 CES had only 48K miles on it.

    I have to add, they have all been RED. (Chatham NY USA)

    • I have had 8 SAAB’s, starting 1978 with a used orange SAAB 99, in 1982 I got a brand new SAAB 99 and since then I have had different models 900, 9.3 and latest 9.5 stationcar.
      At the moment I drive a 9.5 Aero stationcar with only 55000 km on the clock and in the summer a 9.3 cabriolet. :-) Vejle, Denmark

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