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An Old Czechoslovak TV Show Reveals a Rare Saab Sonett

Slovakia has a rich automotive history and the one old episode of the popular TV show “A Night in Archive” showcased just that. The episode, which aired on 1969, featured the discovery of a rare Saab Sonett in the archives of the National Technical Museum in Slovakia. This discovery was a significant moment for automotive enthusiasts and Saab fans alike.

That’s an interesting insight into the rarity of sports cars in Czechoslovakia during that time period. It highlights the significance of the Saab Sonett being featured on the TV show, as it was a truly unique and valuable find. The estimated price of the car in today’s money, being around 120-130,000 euros, shows just how expensive and out of reach these types of vehicles were for the average person.

It’s fascinating to see how the automotive industry has evolved over the years and how the availability and affordability of sports cars has changed. The Saab Sonett remains a beloved and highly sought after car among collectors and enthusiasts, and its inclusion in the TV show helped to bring attention to this piece of automotive history.

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The Saab Sonett is a sports car that was produced by the Swedish automaker Saab from 1955 to 1974. It was designed as a small, lightweight sports car that was built for speed and agility. The car was well received by drivers and critics alike for its unique design and innovative features.

The particular Saab Sonett featured in the TV show was manufactured in 1966 and was the third generation of the Sonett model. The car was originally imported to Slovakia from Sweden and had been in storage for many years before its discovery. The episode showed the car in its original condition, complete with its distinctive Saab logo and blue and silver paint job.

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The Saab Sonett was ahead of its time, featuring a fiberglass body, independent suspension, and a compact, lightweight engine. The car was designed to be a fun and affordable sports car that was perfect for weekend driving. In 1966, the Sonett was available with a variety of engine options, including a three-cylinder, two-stroke engine that produced 60 horsepower. Despite its popularity, the car was only produced for a limited time and only a few thousand units were ever built. This makes the discovery of a Saab Sonett in the archives of the National Technical Museum in Slovakia even more significant.

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