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Saab 9-3 Sportcombi
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Three Characteristics of SAAB

At Svend Wind Automobiles in Højer (South Denmark), they have many special SAAB cars standing around - thanks to a lifelong fascination with the otherwise extinct brand, Saab. As we have already written on several occasions on this blog, the...


The Story about NEVS 9-3 Aero No. 328

Not even in the big cities can they have "a Saab workshop" residents of the southern part of Denmark can do that in the very southernmost, and the westernmost corner of Denmark. And customers from all over the country can...

saab denmark
My Saab

Nikolai had owned 30 different Saabs!

According to Nicolai Krag-Nielsen, these Swedish vehicles cars have no competition and cannot be compared to any other car brand. His love for Saab cars started very early, and since then, Nicolai Krag-Nielsen has owned up to 30 cars of...

Saab Car Meeting in Denmark
SAAB Clubs

Saab Meeting Denmark – Sommerkur 2019

On Saturday, August 18 there was a big SAAB meeting "Sommerkur 2019" at Svend Wind Automobiler in Denmark. SAAB enthusiasts from all over Denmark, from Germany and some even from the Swedish car brand's homeland had found their way to...

Saab 900 Crash in Danmark

We have lost two Saab owners

We all like to belive that our Saab´s are rock solid cars - and in most cases they are Unfortunately, we have lost a married couple of Saab owners, age 85 and 89, in a tragic accident in Denmark, yesterday....