15 years of eEuroparts

In August of 2000 eEuroparts company was founded out of Todd’s garage. Todd started selling used SAAB parts via eBay. Shortly thereafter he created first Yahoo! store (Remember Yahoo! was very big in the year 2000) and by 2004 he commissioned the first custom web site.

Suddenly was the internet’s new up-and-coming SAAB and Volvo parts retailer.

Since 2000, eEuroparts has been committed to bringing Saabers (and others) the largest selection of Swedish and subsequently German auto parts at warehouse prices, featuring free shipping. eEuroparts steadfast to continue that mission forward for the next 15 years, and keep expanding the catalog to offer all the parts customers need, at the best prices on the internet.


The last three years have been marked by dramatic change and tremendous growth for Don’t worry, they will never stop supporting SAAB and Volvo.  SAAB is continuing to make parts under the Genuine SAAB name, so don’t worry about those hard to find parts drying up any time soon.  As long as there are cars on the road, SAAB will continue to make parts for them.  As long as they continue to sell parts, they will be able to continue on.