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Incredible Saab 900 8v Turbo (Trionic 5)

Saab 900 v8 T5Saab 900 v8 T5

Here is nice video of Pete Vella‘s 1980 Saab 900 8v Turbo with Trionic 5 engine management.

This car only has 89,000 miles on it and is in incredible shape. Very cool, you may not have heard of of T5 on a 8v, but we think there are only two in the world. It’s very rare.

If you look at the engine compartment you will see Really cool ignition setup with the coil pack. And According to the owner Pete, car it still works like a 9-3/9-5 although he is not 100% on how accurate it is with the plug wires, he would think having the DI in the head is the proper way as its how it’s designed.

Saab v8 T5 engine bay
Saab v8 T5 open engine bay

This nice video is made by “949 Productions“, look and listen to this great car, The 8v sounds waaaay different then the 16v (be sure to switch to HD mode):

Of course, Please check out his YouTube channel there is so much great content.