Saab History

The Making of a Saab 900

Saab 900 malmoe plant

This is a great documentary – it’s so relatively recent but seems like another age. While some production runs come to end and bring sweet relief, others mark the passing of an iconic vehicle that had the magic that just can’t be replicated.

Saab 900 manufacturing (1989 year model) in the new plant in Malmoe, Saab Car Division of Saab-Scania. As seen a quite complex car with a lot of beautiful manual moments involved, not suited for mass production; fun to own and fortunately non-GM (before the GM era).

Saab 900 production plant in Malmoe 1989

Saab 900 manufacturing at Nyköping and Södertälje facilities

The Saab Car Division of Saab-Scania had its headquarters in Nyköping, and the Spare Parts & Accessories Distribution Centre is there now, but no Saabs has been manufactured there. Design philosophy of Saab car division (later Saab Automobile) and the 900-project! In those years, no CAE assist. Drawing boards are still make their important roles on designs and plots.

Film clips probably from the Nyköping plant (not Trollhättan) and from the car engine manufacturing at Scanias facility in Södertälje.

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