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The Saab 9-3-900 Cabriolet on the production line in Uusikaupunki, Finland
Saab History

The Last Saab delivered by Valmet Automotive

The Finnish automotive industry was born 50 years ago, when the first Saab (Saab 96) was completed at the Saab-Valmet factory in Uusikaupunki. The first Saab 96 was handed over to President Urho Kekkonen the following day. But, this choice...

Saab 900 and bear in TV Commercial
SAAB Advertising

Funny TV Commercial: Bears Also Love Saab

Here's another funny TV commercial for Saab cars. In a number of commercials for Saab cars wildlife and nature have a key role. I'll remind you to advertisements such as "Saab 9-5 Saves Puppy" or "Scream" (for Bridgestone). In this, some older...

Saab 900 SE Sport Coupe
Saab History

Saab 900 Sport Coupé Today in Uusikaupunki

As per request, here are a few images of one of the most intriguing cars on display at the Uusikaupunki Valmet Automotive plant today - the Saab 900 Sport Coupé. Interesting, this car was impressive project in every aspect, first...

Saab 99 in Valmet Automotive
Saab History

Saab 96 and Saab 99 on a production line

Here's a rare and interesting photos from the company Valmet Automotive. Photo is from 1972 and there we see early days of car manufacturing in Uusikaupunki - Saab 96s and Saab 99s as far as the eye can see! In...

Saab 900 Cabrio crash test car
Saab History

Saab 900 Cabrio Crash Test Car

Valmet Automotive posted a very rare picture on it’s Facebook fan page - here's one of the very few images of a flatnose (Saab 900) crash test car in Cabri oversion at the Uusikaupunki plant, in matt orange livery as...

Saab 900 turbo
Saab History

The First Batch of 400 Saab 900 Cabrios

Here's one of the few pictures that were taken at the Uusikaupunki Valmet Automotive plant of the first batch of 400 Saab 900 Convertibles to be delivered to the US dealers. The first prototype aroused enormous interest and in April 1984,...

the first car - a Saab 96 - was completed at the Uusikaupunki car plant.
Saab History

On This Day: First Saab 96 from Uusikaupunki!

It’s time for celebration! 46 years ago today, on November 13, the first car - a Saab 96 - was completed at the Uusikaupunki car plant (Valmet Automotive).  Another important even during 1969 was the first Saab car production in Finland. A...

Saab 900
Saab History

Women at Saab Plants

Could Car makers build better cars by eliminating the assembly line in favor of a team approach to automaking? The car-companies have been trial-and-erroring  answers to this question for more than a decades. The result is divided. Team concept can't...

Saab 900 Cabrio

200,000 Saab Convertibles from Uusikaupunki

It’s June and officially summer, The right time to remind ourselves of Saab convertibles. Saab 900 Convertible The first one from Valmet Automotive Saab convertibles is the Saab 900 Cabrio – designed and manufactured at Uusikaupunki plant (Finland) only. Presented...