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The Self-driving Test at NEVS

Late last year, NEVS announced the start of a new exciting project -  to drive self-driving cars in Trollhättan. In early December, they announced that if the plan succeeds they will start the first tests in the near future. Together...


NEVS at the Business Innovation Seminar

Yesterday held the Business Innovation Seminar at Mittuniversitetet in Sundsvall, Sweden  -  and the seminar was attended by representatives of NEVS company. The Business Innovation Seminar is arranged by the University to provide knowledge and inspiration from successful entrepreneurs and people...

3D print Saab emblem logo

Saab AB returns to the Automotive industry!

There's a big turnaround happening at Saab AB. After the company Saab AB took the right to use the brand name from NEVS, this is great news. The last statement of the President and CEO of Saab AB indicate that the company will...