10 Newly Built NEVS 9-3 EVs Arrived in Sweden


Dozens of cars that can be called new Saab electric cars, that is, actually ten new NEVS 9-3 EV cars have arrived in Sweden – Ten new cars were photographed in a parking lot in a Swedish port. These cars carry important technology and will be used in the development work in Trollhättan Test Center.

There has been a lot of talk about NEVS finally getting started and building their new electric cars. The collaboration with sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg will result in a new electric car and now there is concrete evidence in a port in Sweden. Anna Haupt, vice president of Mobility Solutions in NEVS, said she could confirm that a number of new cars were in the Swedish port, and She confirm They come from their production plant in Tianjin.

Realization of Projects and Announcements

Ever since the NEVS company took over Saab in bankruptcy in 2012, there has been talk that “production will start very soon”, but almost ten years have passed since then. NEVS declared during eCarExpo in February this year their ambitious plans for new electric cars, new car sharing services and self-driving cars.

According to field reports, the company is really working hard on these projects. The new plans have been implemented thanks to a number of different technology collaborations, a partly new management and new investors, mainly the Chinese company Evergrande Group.

NEVS 93 Cockpit

10 x NEVS 9-3 EV

After all these years, Now we have concrete evidence that all those presentations and press releases were not in vain. Ten NEVS 9-3 EV cars are parked in the vehicle area of Wallhamn on Tjörn, one of Sweden’s largest ports for cargo and cargo shipments.

NEVS 9-3 for Sale?

Although many people wonder if and where they can buy electric Saab cars (NEVS 9-3 based on Saab 9-3), this is not possible for now.The ten cars appear to be ready for traffic, but there is as yet no information that any of them have been registered for regular traffic in Sweden. The ten cars are waiting to be cleared for further travel to NEVS in Trollhättan. Anna Haupt, Vice President of Mobility Solutions at Nevs, can confirm to local cars magazine Teknikens Värld that NEVS has 10 cars that are heading into the country.

Behind the closed doors in Trollhättan is an intensive development work of the new electric car that may be presented a little later this year. The ten electric NEVS 9-3 cars built by Nevs in China have interesting technology under the shell which, judging by everything, will be transferred to the new cars.

Checking new EV technologies in the test center and in practice

There have been whispers of a range of about 300 km in the electric 9-3 that stands in the port of Tjörn but probably Nevs new electric car will surpass those figures.

Protean NEVS 93 Winter Testing
Protean NEVS 93 Winter Testing

The fact that the ten EV 9-3 cars have not yet been registered for traffic in Sweden indicates that they will be used primarily for the development work and that what is really interesting about the cars is all that is under the way. In fact, it can be said that this is a simplified Saab electric car conversion. A new powertrain and technology for self-driving vehicles will be Nevs’ major competitive advantage when they finally show off their first proprietary electric car.

The Future (?) of the 9-3 platform

Some fans of the Saab brand who saw this news commented that the Saab 9-3 technology is over 20 years old. But it’s not the same car from 20 guests ago, except that it visually looks like the old one and uses the same construction panels, but it’s a very good test platform.

And there are those who think that this “old” 9-3 would have a chance on the market. In their opinion, If you just put a reasonable price tag and upgrade car with modern safety systems, it is probably possible to sell Electric Saab 9-3 still as a kind of budget option in the electric car segment. Even though there wasn’t much “Saab feeling” in it, it wasn’t bad at all. Moreover, Turkey has even developed its own EV prototypes on this platform.

NEVS 93 Production Line
NEVS 93 Production Line

You can clearly say that there are worse newly made cars today. Then we can imagine that Nevs 9-3 is primarily a cheap platform to develop technology on and that there will be another caliber on what you intend to do long-term business on. Saab was not the best car in the world, except on crash safety. But there was something there that is not quite understood by the one who never owned a Saab. However, we think no sensible person can describe what Saab feeling is. It’s just there…


  • ICE is around for another 50 years…especially, in hot cliamtes. EVs are not really green…they just allow you to send your pollution somewhere else…coal plants, open pits mines, etc. Only good thing is technically you could.make your own power…and all that torque

  • is there a press release where they say they will sell a US versions with turbocharged engines?
    Because I don’t believe this at all. This is now a dedicated EV platform as far as I know, and I’d be surprised if this car is ever sold in the US.

  • I know we all love the look but in fairness even this design is nearly 10 years old and the ng 93 is getting on for 20 years old for a new car!

  • The only way to make SAAB better is to make them electric. Sorry for the fans of internal combustion, but it’s safer, lighter, and faster.

  • TO>Edward Stewart:
    That’s never going to happen until they figure out how to get a full charge in the same amount of time that you can get a full tank of gas. And have the infrastructure set up Nationwide much the way gas stations are

  • 1) NEVS, not Saab
    2) “Arrives” in Sweden, not Saab
    3) Built off of a 9-3 SS, not Saab
    4) No turbo, not Saab
    5) Not a Saab, garbage.

  • Yes tech from a 93 which was all that was left after GM departure.It’s the Will to continue to want to make cars out of SAAB (GM) tech that counts be it old c900 or 9000 tech or new yet be publicised tech in the end who knows perhaps the Proud Saab bagde will return with even a more potent petrol engine alongside EV…

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