NEVS takes a leading role as member of 2030 Secretariat to drive climate change


NEVS is proud to announce its partnership with the Swedish 2030 Secretariat, a Swedish non-profit organization with aims to drive collaboration to achieve the country’s emission reduction goal for the transport sector – minus 70 percent CO2 by 2030. 

NEVS is taking part in the work to enhance Behavioral Change group increasing awareness towards shared mobility

One concrete agenda this year is to help companies with green initiatives gain necessary governmental support to resolve blockers in their business development.

“Our vision in shaping mobility for a more sustainable future is a critical foundation for our business. We have over the years devoted much effort in developing technical solutions and business models which aim for resolving the environmental footprint. We look forward to sharing both knowledge and lessons learnt with 2030 Secretariat and collaborating with the other members to drive the change needed”, Says Anna Haupt, VP of Mobility Solutions at NEVS.

NEVS believes that to resolve the environmental footprint, the automotive industry needs a systematic change. The transition to a non-fossil fuel transport solution is urgent, and the business model that solely relies on the sales of vehicles should also be reviewed.

The growing pressure of city traffic has well demonstrated that the ultimate goal shall be to reduce the total number of vehicles on road. Self-driving vehicles and the mobility service will therefore be key components of NEVS future offering.

“Decarbonizing the transport sector is a huge challenge, and can only be done by a broad approach working with low-and-zero emission fuels, new vehicle technology and, most importantly, behavioral change. By working together, different technologies together, we can have an impact. Sweden’s progress in achieving the 2030 goal will also set us a role model that inspires the whole world,” Jakob Lagercrantz, CEO of 2030 Secretariat commented.

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