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Saab after hit the moose
SAAB Safety

What it looks like when you hit a Moose

We have mentioned many times in this place the importance that Saab engineers have given to the safety of drivers and passengers in Saab vehicles. And probably, as a company, Saab may have achieved the most in this field over...

Saab and moose in real life crash test
SAAB Safety

Frontal collision of Saab and Moose in Poland

Living in in the northern hemisphere, especially in Scandinavia or for example, in the north Poland comes with certain risks, such as the risk of wildlife related body damage.  Because moose, deer and elk are common throughout Scandinavia, where Saabs...

Saab Moose Crash
SAAB Safety

Lithuanian Saab driver hit a Moose

Even in the unfortunate world of car accidents, this one (Moose Crash) has to be at the top of the list for bad luck. A Lithuanian Saab 9-3 driver making his way along a rural road at Sunday night was given...

Saab 9-5 Moose Crash Test
SAAB Safety

Saab in Moose Crash Test Project

Magnus Gens Master’s Thesis ( in Vehicle Engineering) project was initiated in 1994 and sponsored by Skyltfonden of the Swedish Road Administration, and thesis was successfully defended in 2001. In certain areas of our planet there are big wild animals. One...