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Frontal collision of Saab and Moose in Poland

Saab and moose in real life crash test

Living in in the northern hemisphere, especially in Scandinavia or for example, in the north Poland comes with certain risks, such as the risk of wildlife related body damage.  Because moose, deer and elk are common throughout Scandinavia, where Saabs was designed and built, one particular type of accident unfortunately occurs all too often.

In order to reduce the number of injuries caused by passenger cars colliding with moose – Saab engineers have designed a  Moose TestUnique in Industry. This research and subsequent changes in Saab cars design – have saved many lives on the roads.

Saab 9-5 after crash with an moose
Saab 9-5 after crash with an moose

The latest such incident happened last week in Poland. One person went to the hospital after an accident with an moose in Białebłoto, the municipality of Brańszczyk.

Saab 9-5 afer crash

According to the Fire Brigade in Wyszków, Saab 9-5 collided head-to-head with the big moose. The driver was alone in the car. Saab driver left the car by himself, but was taken to hospital for specialist diagnosis. The impact from the crash was too strong for animal – in a collision with a car, the moose did not survive.

Big moose collided with a Saab