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Lithuanian Saab driver hit a Moose

Saab Moose CrashSaab Moose Crash

Even in the unfortunate world of car accidents, this one (Moose Crash) has to be at the top of the list for bad luck.

A Lithuanian Saab 9-3 driver making his way along a rural road at Sunday night was given the shock of his life when a moose suddenly appeared in his headlines. The accident occurred about 3AM. Accidents involving the massive animals (like this Moose 250kg) can be fatal, so the driver was not taking any chances and began evasive action.

Saab driver, fortunately, survived, but with head injuries was taken to the hospital for tests. See the video report:


A Saab car is designed to help you survive hitting a wild moose. Saab’s simulated moose crash test, developed in the mid-80s, involves the car striking a 350kg dummy moose head-on at 70 kph. Hitting one of these large animals is a relatively common occurrence on rural roads in Sweden and the introduction of this demanding test is typical of Saab’s real-life safety approach.


  • This is one of many good reasons to get a Saab. A friend died in exactly this kind of accident in Sweden, early hours the moose decides to cross the road. Unfortunately, he drove a smaller Japanese car, never moose tested for sure. As far as I know, only the swedish car manufacturers test for this kind of accident. So, to get a safe new car, I’m saving up for the new XC90, stunning, brilliant car! But in the meantime I’m keeping my Saab TXSC running, with a passion.

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