Saab TurboX Launch Control

JZW Tuning” (John Zeigler Williams) started tuning Saabs from 2006 and he have been happy to make many Saab cars much faster than stock.

He ended up tuning his own Saab with 2.3 engine to over 800bhp with the stock tuned ECU and he currently have the record for the fastest Saab in America, 10.61 at 139.54 mph.

This is one of his projects from 2012 – Launch Control for Saab TurboX, and this is results of testing – from 0 – 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds:

Saab 2.8T Turbo X dyno pull. JZW Stage 1 ECU tune with catless downpipe and cone filter. 18 psi peak boost.