Saab Folding Bikes

Many car manufacturers have sold bikes, as part of thelifestyle product line. Some are really crappy, Jeep and a PT Cruiser labled beach cruiser sort of bike come to mind. BMW and Porsche have done it. Hummer does it. Much of the time it’s just a mediocre bike with the carmaker’s name on it, sold at the dealer. Sometimes though the bikes are actually very nice. Not usually the case, unfortunately.

And Saab had official bikeS1152 – Saab bike.  Very nice bike to ride or great for a Saab enthusiast/collector. Folds away for easier storage.


In fact, there was not only one Saab bike, there were more, but only one was the official. Official  “Saab Everywhere Bike” folds very easily, making it the ultimate bike to carry on or in the car. Officiel Lifestyle Bike is a “city bike” designed by Dutch bicycle firm Biomega.

Saab folding bike

Original bike was very expensive, about $1200,but fortunately there are much cheaper alternatives:



  • The concept is good by Saab and many other big brands have also been to bicycles. I guess, this is a good profiting strategy by these big brands to churn some extra profit by labeling the bicycles with their brand logo.

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