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Saab “Deadlock” function basically makes it harder for would be thieves to steal a car or remove interior components from it. Part two is designed to guard against theft of contents. If a window is smashed the Deadlock makes it almost impossible to unlock the car from inside.

Electronic key – remotely operates the central locking. Rolling digital codes make it virtually impossible for an unauthorised person to copy the code of your electronic key. The theft protection of the Saab 9-3 and 9-5 has attracted considerable praise. Not from burglars, but from motoring magazines whose best experts have tried to force the system. With poor result. And that’s no wonder, since it was developed in co-operation with leading insurance institutes. It’s quite simply among the best available.

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The system counters both break-ins and theft of the car itself. If anyone tries to force the door lock, the encapsulated cylinder spins uselessly. Nor can the cylinder be smashed in or pulled out. If a window is broken, the Deadlocks stop the doors being opened from inside. Protection against theft of the car itself is equally comprehensive. Of course, There is no mechanical ignition lock to break (Saab 9-3) and the engine requires a unique rolling code from the electronic key to start. Furthermore, the electronic steering wheel lock will only open with the correct key code. And if in addition you specify our advanced car alarm, you can be sure of one thing: your Saab will always be on its guard.

Dead locking means the doors cannot be unlocked from inside, you can still unlock the doors using the key. This is to stop some lowlife smashing a window and pulling the locking buttons up (it also means if you deadlock the car with someone inside they cannot escape from the car without smashing a window).

Here’s how this function works in practice:

In addition, this TSL function can be programmed via the Tech 2 system.

  • Theft Security Locking/Deadlock) TSL at First Press
  • TSL at Second Press Driver Preference. Normal Locking or Dead Locking at first Press of Remote
  • TSL at first Press: Default Setting. All Doors will lock in Deadlock Mode
  • TSL: at Second Press: All Doors will lock in Deadlock mode at the second press of the Remote.
  • Lock /Unlock Acknowledge None or Indicators Current vehicles fitted without Alarm can only option indicators only.

Also, this Saab Deadlock feature prevents the opening the door with a string:


  • This feature has saved me on at least one confirmed occasion. I used to always deadlock when street-parking overnight in the city. Parked in Midtown West, came back to the car in the morning to find a wire coat hanger laying on the ground next to my driver side front door and numerous scratches on the handle and door lock mechanism inside my car. Also, the upper edge of my door (window frame) had been bent a few degrees away from the B-pillar. I have no doubt someone was working for some time on getting in to steal the car or some objects inside it—but gave up in frustration. Luckily, no broken glass and only slightly damaged paint in the jam. Even the weather stripping made it unscathed. And I bent the door back into shape myself. Deadlock saved me a huge hassle!

  • On the chance that se stranger runs across this same article with the same question, I also just had this happen to my Saab. By gently wiggling the key in and out while turning it the key came out once I lined it up correctly. Then you just reinsert the key and it should work. I think it happens when you turn the key when it isn’t in 100% of the way.

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