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Saab-Valmet 900
Saab History

Swedish Saab – or Finnish?

Many Saab car owners (especially older models) have never heard of Valmet Automotive, and many don't know that their favorite Saab car - is a car made in Finland. Also, you may not have known, 99 was also manufactured in...

Saab 900 Finlandia
Saab History

The Saab 900 Finlandia

The Saab 900 Finlandia - this is another Saab born in Finland, in a small town that has an exotic name that is hard to pronounce - Uusikaupunki. The name Uusikaupunki is long and apparently difficult if you’re not a...

Saab 9000 V8
Saab Technology

The Classic test: Saab 9000 V8

Thi is Classic test drive with the unique Saab 9000 V8. Such a distinguished testimony of Valmet Automotive's and Saab's heritage. There is a real gem in the corners of the museum of the Uusikaupunki car factory. This is the...

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