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The Classic test: Saab 9000 V8

Thi is Classic test drive with the unique Saab 9000 V8. Such a distinguished testimony of Valmet Automotive‘s and Saab’s heritage.

There is a real gem in the corners of the museum of the Uusikaupunki car factory. This is the Saab 9000 with a V8 engine, which is only one piece in the world. To top it all up, it was developed in Finland. Now it’s a must see what it’s like to drive.This is the car that was used in testing the new engine, And that’s what we wrote a few years ago on this blog.

Only 5 prototype engines were built, with one being extensively road tested, just in this Saab 9000. The V8 engine was never put into production. The Saab V8 had a 90° included angle between cylinder banks, four camshafts, and 4 valves per cylinder for a total of 32 valves.

Saab V8 engine = 2x B202
Saab V8 engine = 2x B202

Both cylinder heads were from the Saab B202 engine, but to arrange for intake ports on both sides of the vee to be inside the valley and exhausts to be outside, flow through one head was reversed; the intake ports became exhausts and vice versa. Pistons and connecting rods were also standard Saab B202 parts. It has the covers of the classic Saab 900 H engine, really just a block and a stroke are Finnish design. So the traces lead to the Triumph engine.