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saab crash
Saab Video

Saab Cars in a Documentary on Traffic Safety

The cause of the most tragic accidents on our roads is the fight against time. The feature-length documentary "13 MINUT" tells the stories of people who have forever irreversibly affected the lives of others as they tried to drive behind...

The Saab Movie
Saab History

Saab – The Iconic Movie and TV Car

Sometimes cars become movie stars, but they mostly play a supporting role in movies and TV series. However, without cars and their character, no screenwriter or director can create a convincing story for the audience. Throughout Saab's long cinematic history, Saab cars have...


Saab humor: Richard Pryor and Saab 900 Turbo

This is a super clip from the movie "Moving" (1988) with great Richard Pryor. Richard Pryor ih this movie is Arlo Pear - Arlo accepts what seems to him to be a dream promotion to Idaho. He soon discovers, however, that moving has its own share...