Saab 900S Turbo in Car Chase from movie “Un homme et une femme, 20 Ans Déjà”

Saab 900 TurboSaab 900 Turbo

This is The Best Car Chase Scene You’ve Probably Never Seen. “Un Homme et Une Femme, 20 Ans Déjà” (A Man and a Woman, 20 Years Later) is a 1986 follow up to the 1966 film, aptly names “Un Homme et Une Femme“. This film continues the story started 20 years earlier.

Directed by Claude Lelouch , the same guy that did the crazy “Rendezvous” blast through Paris.

Inone Scene: Saab 900 Turbo vs Lancia Thema Turbo vs BMW E28 vs MB190 vs Renault 25 vs Peugeot 505

Rendezvous” by Claude Lelouch

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