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Saab Headlight Lenses
DIY - Saab Knowledge Base

Saab Headlight Restoration

When you drive your Saab, your headlights are exposed to numerous negative effects on a daily basis, from dust, water, mud, rain, pebbles, to the Sun's UV rays that have the most negative effect on the headlights. These particles of...

Saab Turbo X wrapping hood
SAAB Tuning

Saab Turbo X Carbon Fibre Hood Wrap Result

Today's top-adhesive-vinyl technology is very good and much more advanced, allowing pros and DIY detailers alike to get great-looking results. One of the main advantages of car wrapping is that it is completely reversible so if you become tired of...

DIY - Saab Knowledge Base

Cheap Lip Kit for a Saab

You don’t need to pay a fortune to customize your Saab. With a little research and planning, it’s totally possible to get that custom street racing look – even on a tight budget. Mighty Car Mods team presented a cheap and pretty good...

Saab LED Brake Light Fix
DIY - Saab Knowledge Base

Cheap Awesome Saab LED Brake Light Fix

Paul Amesie Ames is a famous Internet practitioner and Saab enthusiast, and he on his YouTube channel (Amesie's Automotive Corner) performs complicated repairs and modifications, tool reviews and top ten lists. His experiences with automotive tools and diagnostic equipment spans over 25 years and he...

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