Saab Historic Rally “Team Yke”

Saab Historic Rally Team YkeSaab Historic Rally Team Yke

Saab Historic RallyTeam Yke” from Netherlands is a small rally team containing Roger van Keulen (pilot), Sytze de Bok (navigator) and super star mechanic Gert van Keulen.

Roger van Keulen bought a rare white Saab 96 Sport “Yke” 2stroke in Lincolnshire UK. Fortunately, the Saab was in very good technical condition, and the car is LHD as you can see below (blue stripes).  Saab 96 “Yke” participated in the 1988 Pirelli Classic Car Rally Marathon.


Saab 96


Historic Saab Experience 2013 ft. Saab 96 Sport ‘Yke’ – RDW testcircuit Lelystad

You can see the team at many Dutch national historic rally events and even on some international historic rally events.