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Saab Catherina
SAAB Concepts

Saab Catherina: A Timeless Prototype

The fascinating story of the Saab Catherina, a remarkable 1964 prototype sports car brought to life through the innovative mind of Sixten Sason. Unearth the journey of this Swedish automotive marvel and the unconventional path it traversed, from its inception at ASJ in Katrineholm to its impact on Saab's automotive legacy. Explore the intriguing details of its design, the clash of creative vision and financial constraints, and the surprising influence of Björn Karlström's MFI-13. Delve into the automotive history that could have been and the enduring allure of the Catherina prototype.

The Dutch Saab 900 Wagon
SAAB Concepts

An Estate Car Version of The 900

Maybe Surprising, but SAAB never made a proper wagon out of the 99/900. Sixten Sason apparently sketched a 99 (two-door!) wagon early on, but they went with the Combi Coupe instead. However, sometime in 1986, Saab was close to deciding...

Saab Formula junior no-1
Saab History

SAAB Formula Junior

Formula Junior, which ran from 1958 to 1963, was an entry-level series where young F1 drivers could earn their stripes. The cars had basic chassis designs with production-based engines (known as 'screamers')of no more than 1100cc. Many manufactuers built Formula...

Saab 93 Jay Leno's Garage
SAAB Reviews

1958 Saab 93B from Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno has one of the most exciting car collections on earth – so why is the humble Saab 93 one of his absolute favourites? Let me remind you of the Beautiful 93 model. The Saab 93 was an automobile manufactured by Saab. It...

Project Saab 92Z
Saab History

An unknown Saab – Project 92Z

Within the SAAB company group, SAAB Automobile AB, which was set up to produce small cars, created its first model - the so-called ‘Ursaab’, which was the prototype of the SAAB 92. The transverse-mounted 2 cylinder water-cooled 2 stroke DKW engine powered...

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