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1958 Saab 93B from Jay Leno’s Garage

Saab 93 Jay Leno's Garage

Jay Leno has one of the most exciting car collections on earth – so why is the humble Saab 93 one of his absolute favourites?

Let me remind you of the Beautiful 93 model. The Saab 93 was an automobile manufactured by Saab. It was announced on August 18, 1955 and first presented on December 1, 1955. It was styled by Sixten Sason and features a 748cc three-cylinder Saab engine mounted lengthwise and horizontally. a power of 33 kW (25 kW).

The gearbox had three speeds, the first one not synchronized.  In order to overcome the speeding problems of the two-stroke engine, a freewheel device has been installed. In 1957, two-point seat belts were introduced as an option. The 93 was the first Saab to be exported from Sweden, mainly to the United States.

Jay Leno and his Saab 93B

Leno is a car guy through and through. Jay has a large car collection and is very interested and informed on the subject, an alos he is the proud owner of the beautiful Saab 93.  His Saab is a 1958 model 93B, with a 750-cc engine making about 33 hp. It’s not fast, but you can go 70 mph down the road with four people in it.

As he said, for him, however, his  Saab’s most fascinating detail is the water pump that’s located on the back end of the generator. The Swedes could made it work, but imagine if a British car company had tried this. At best it would have functioned correctly; at worst it would have electrocuted anyone who touched it. From this detail you can see how well he knows the automotive world and why the Saab cars really thrill him:

And that’s not all, Jay is not thrilled with all Saab models, and here’s why: “When Saab switched to Ford-sourced four-stroke V-4 engines in 1967, the brand lost some of its charm for me. Of course, Saab did some innovative things after that. The 1978 Saab 99 Turbo ushered in a new era of efficiency, and the later 900 Turbo was sophisticated. 

“Without quirkiness, Saab became just another car.”

In one sentence, Jay said the essence that describes the affection of a part of the Saab fans.