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Saab History

Saab: A Versatile Legacy Beyond Automobiles

The remarkable journey of Saab, from its origins in aircraft manufacturing to its diversification into cars, computers, and defense systems. Explore the enduring passion of Saab enthusiasts and its evolution into a leading defense and aerospace company.

1949 Saab 92 with Saab 21 Jet Fighter plane
Saab History

72 years of the Saab 92 model

The first Saab prototype was powered by a two-cylinder DKW two-stroke engine of 18 hp, and many other components, such as the fuel tank, gearbox, transmission parts, were found in the scrapyard and assembled into a unique unit. 72 years...

Saab Memorial Hall

Norwegian Saab Museum near Umeå

Dedicated Saab car enthusiasts know that there are several specialized museums dedicated to Saab cars around the world. Certainly, two, the most famous is the one at Saab's headquarters in Trollhattan - Saab Car Museum, and the other is located...

Saab 92 structure
SAAB Safety

SAAB – The Roots of Safety

The roots of Car Safety go back to the very beginning of the production of "wingless aircraft", all due to the fact that the first Saab cars were created by aeronautical engineers  all due to the fact that the first...

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