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Saab 92a with tank engine
SAAB Tuning

Tank Engine in Saab 92A?!

This ex-abandoned 1950 Saab 92A was recently shown at the X-treme Car show 2015 at Lahti in Finland, and it is interesting because...

SAAB 92 on LEGO Ideas

SAAB 92 on LEGO Ideas

Support SAAB 92 for new LEGO sets created by fans on LEGO Ideas. LEGO and Saab fan jemauelson  Created an awesome Saab 92 model, and he...

Saab 92 - Re-imagined

Saab 92 – Re-imagined

Saab - Brand of enthusiasts. That's why it needs a high series production with a entry model class entry to...

Design Concept - Saab 9TWO

Design Concept – Saab 9TWO

Hussein Al-Attar is a Conceptual Artist based in Pforzheim, Germany, now the BMW designer. His field of expertise is in...

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