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Saab-Alfa limousine
SAAB Funny

SAAB – Alfa Romeo Hybrid Limousine

This is the actual SAAB - Alfa Romeo Hybrid Limousine James May used in the much loved Top Gear limo challenge feature. Boasting a unique "double header" design so advanced that it never may be copied, the so-called "Alfaab" was created...

Saab 9000 Long Limousine
Saabs from around the World

Two Saab 9000 Limousines

Valmet Automotive from Uusikaupunki once had plans for a Saab 9000 limousine, but these were never realized and all they have left are designs, now in Valmet Automotive’s archives. Still, many around the world had the idea that "elongation" Saab 9000, and some of...