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an automotive journalist and dedicated Saab enthusiast hailing from Novi Sad, Serbia, is a valuable contributor to SaabPlanet.com. With a wealth of experience in the automotive industry and a strong affinity for Saab cars, Konstantin brings a unique perspective to the blog's content. His in-depth knowledge, engaging writing style, and passion for Saab automobiles enrich the platform, catering to both local and global Saab enthusiasts. Through his articles and insights, Konstantin strengthens the sense of community among Saab lovers and helps elevate SaabPlanet.com as a trusted source for Saab-related information.
Elegance in Heritage: The 1988 SAAB 9000i

The 1988 SAAB 9000i: A Swedish Classic Car Treasure

The remarkable story of a meticulously preserved 1988 SAAB 9000i, a testament to Swedish engineering and classic car preservation. Explore its history, impeccable condition, and the passion behind its maintenance in this detailed tribute to a timeless automotive masterpiece.

The Tamed Lightning: Ewoud's 320 hp Viggen

Saab 9-3 Viggen: The Swedish Thunder with 320 Horsepower

The standard Saab 9-3 Viggen was a force to be reckoned with, packing 225 horsepower and tearing up the road like a true Swedish sprinter. But for some enthusiasts, even that wasn't enough. Enter Ewoud Hallebeek and his "Bliksemschicht" (Dutch for "lightning bolt"), a modified Viggen boasting a staggering 320 horsepower. Buckle up and discover how Ewoud tamed this beast and what the future holds for this iconic Swedish sports sedan.

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