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Saab EV-1 in Saab Cars Museum (Photo by Lukasz19930915)
SAAB Concepts

Saab EV-1

Not even a year after the launch of the Saab 9000, Saab's small but efficient design department in Trollhättan had come up with something else to show. It was a 2+2 seater sports coupé that was based on the 900...


Jalopnik about The Saab EV-1

Although it's been a long time, Saab EV-1 still causes a lot of attention. Famous car blog Jalopnik brings an interesting story about Saab EV-1 in article "The Saab EV-1 Was A Sexy Swede With Corvette Seats And Composites" The EV-1...


Back to the Future – SAAB EV- prototype

  Not many people realize that, in the year it was acquired by General Motors, Saab also built an Saab EV-1 experimental prototype. Far from the suppository-like GM EV-1, the Saab take is the sort of radically awkward design that...