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Saab 900 Classic
My Saab

Saab 900 Classic from Estonia

Regular reader of the Saab Planet blog from Estonia  sent us pictures of his beloved car Saab 900 Classic. His Saab from 1985 is really nice, It had a 8V carbureted 2.0l engine which he swapped for 16V 2.0l turbo engine. Hi is a 18 y/o...

Saab Mosina Meeting 2016
SAAB Clubs

5. Antique Saab Convention Mosina 2016 Poland

Fifth jubilee Saab Meeting "The pursuit of flying fox" will take place 20 – 22 May 2016, On invitations only, and in the organization of the Fundacja Rodziny Rozenblat Details of Saab Convention Mosina 2016: If you have car manufactured before 1993 and...

Bruce Turk Saab 96

Bruce Turk – Saab jedi-master

DRIVE guys did very inspirational interview with Bruce Turk - Saab "jedi-master", rally dude, Saab Collector and president of the Vintage Saab Club of North America. His first car was a Saab Sonett, and he's since amassed a garage full of pre-'74 Saabs, plus parts...

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