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Saab 9-4x Hirsch Performance
SAAB Funny

Saab 9-4X Aero Hirsch: How to drive on country roads?

Allegedly, this is an drive instruction "How to drive on country roads"... But it's not. This is footage from Russia, and everything is possible in Russia - even this "driving style" :) However, it is interesting that the camera is in a very...

Saab 9-4x from Russia

SAAB 9-4X Aero Hirsch – Wild driving in Moscow

Driving in Russia should be an extreme sport and in Russia, almost everyone should have a camera on their dashboard. Driving in Russia is hazardous: 2010, 200,000 traffic accidents killed 28,000 people. (More than 32,000 died in car accidents in the United...

SAAB Safety

Scary Saab 9-3 accident in Russia

There is little information about the accident in this video, but as far as you can see, it is a maladjusted speed and careless Saab driver. Speed is one of the leading causes of death on roads worldwide. It is...


Saab 9000 in Lenin’s Mausoleum

Thise pictures these show incident on Red Square in Moscow. Says that in the 90's some non-Russian tried to enter the car (SAAB 9000) in the Lenin's Mausoleum. And he yet entered. Some witnesses managed to film it, but almost...