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SAAB VIN decoder

Saab VIN Decoder

Saab VIN Decoder services are numerous on the Internet and allow us to get key information to identify a particular car, as well as the engine and all the equipment installed in it when the car is manufactured, through the...

the first car - a Saab 96 - was completed at the Uusikaupunki car plant.
Saab History

On This Day: First Saab 96 from Uusikaupunki!

It’s time for celebration! 46 years ago today, on November 13, the first car - a Saab 96 - was completed at the Uusikaupunki car plant (Valmet Automotive).  Another important even during 1969 was the first Saab car production in Finland. A...

Saab TurboX catalog

Global Saab Turbo X Production Numbers

Here is the first iteration of the online tool to check the global, regional, and country-level production numbers for your Saab Turbo X! This online tool is created by Matt Nicklay, and it's all an on-going process. Show your support...

Saab VIN number

SAAB VIN Decoder – from 1950 – 2014

SAABsPORTUGAL site (works in desktop and mobile devices) has a SAAB VIN Decoder that works for all SAABs, meaning it will work from 1950 till 2014. Here is link in English where You may check your SAAB data using your VIN...