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Per Gillbrand Introduces the Cutting-Edge Turbo APC in the Saab 900, 1981

Per Gillbrand: A Pioneer in Turbocharging and Automotive Innovation Honored Posthumously in FIVA’s Heritage Hall of Fame

Discover the remarkable journey of Per Gillbrand, the trailblazing Swedish engineer whose pioneering work in turbocharging transformed the automotive landscape. Join us as we delve into Gillbrand's contributions that propelled Saab to the forefront of innovation, making him the first Swede to be posthumously honored in FIVA's Heritage Hall of Fame. Explore his legacy, from turbocharged engines to international patents, and understand how his visionary thinking continues to shape the cars we drive today.

Saab Turbo APC
SAAB Reviews

How Saab’s APC Basically Works

After yesterday's blog post, and a review of a long-standing review dedicated to the long-term test of the Saab 900 and APC technology, today we present another great article on the Saab Turbo system, which was published earlier, back in...

saab turbocharging
Saab Technology

Saab Turbocharging

Over its long history, the Saab-Scania Group had accumulateda wealth of experience in the turbocharging of truck and bus engines when the turbocharged car engine for everyday motoring was launched in 1977. Saab was one of the world's first car...

Saab History

Another Look at the 99 Turbo

In 1978, Saab introduces a model that causes a lot of noise: the Saab 99 Turbo. A seemingly brave hatchback that makes BMWs, Alfa Romeos and Porsches surprised and envious, at that time. On YouTube you can find a great...

The Saab Turbo has robbed sports car drivers of their exclusive right to fast cars with turbocharged engines.
Saab HistorySaab Technology

The Saab Turbo

“The Saab Turbo is exhilarating to drive, it’s so much fun, the price is irrelevant…” – this is what a journalist from a famous car magazine "Road & Track" once wrote after a test drive of the famous Saab 99...

SAAB Self-repairing bumper

What Saab Inventions Do You Remember?

No car manufacturer has been as innovative with such small funds as Saab's car manufacturing in Trollhättan. In this post, in one image, we present the interesting inventions from Saab’s nearly eighty-year history. Here are Saab's "craziest" inventions, coolest, smartest...

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