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Year-round Reliability: All-Season Tires for a Smooth Drive in Any Condition

The Ultimate Guide to All-Season Tires for SAAB Owners

Elevate your SAAB's performance year-round with expert insights on all-season tires. Discover the advantages, considerations, and why all-season tires are an ideal choice. Plus, explore the potential of budget-friendly options for informed decision-making.

In addition to proper tire pressure, drivers also need to make sure that the one-way tires are properly mounted on the car. The arrow on the side wall indicates the direction of rolling.

How Long Do Tires Last?

The latest scientific research has revealed that tires stay in good condition longer than you think. Some drivers pay particular attention to the age of tires and may worry about buying anything from last year's or even older stock. Research...

The "Selfseal" mark on the side of the tire reveals that this tire is puncture resistant

Self-Repairing Tire Technology

New technologies are advancing more and more, including in the tire industry. A "flat tire" no longer scares us: the sealant automatically closes the holes in the tread of a new type of tire. Michelin Selfseal  The risk of a...

Saab Winter Tires
SAAB Safety

Does My SAAB Need Winter Tires?

Winter is approaching in the northern part of the globe, so it's not a bad time to remind you how important it is to have appropriate (read: winter) tires on your Saab. Although our Saab cars, thanks to the integrated...