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Yes, Portland still has a Saab dealership!

Garry Small Saab dealership

Garry Small Saab is located in Portland, Oregon. Most passersby on 82nd Avenue won’t register Garry Small Saab at all as they motor along the busy street. But for any car aficionado, the lineup of Saabs and active sales advertisements generates inevitable confusion and intrigue.

They are a family owned and operated that have been in business since 1986. Believe you or not, and even today, they have full Saab Sales, Service and Parts departments with a very knowledgeable staff to assist theri clients.

Yes, Portland still has a Saab dealership. There’s official signage, it’s clearly still in business, and the calendar shows 2018, seven years since the beloved, oddball Swedish brand “born from jets” sucked in its final turbocharged breath.

At Garry Small Saab they specialize in Saab, so their team know the product well. They all have a passion for Saab. In fact, they like the product so well that most of their employees drive Saabs… some even own more than one.

These brilliant Saab story from America brings us a Hagerty web magazine  in the text titled “Of course Portland still has a Saab dealership. Also interesting, their web domain is named “Saab story” –

Garry Small Saab
Garry Small SaabSaab


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