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With the help of Saab Community one very generous Scotsman helped save a Dutch couple’s beloved Saab

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Orio UKtells us an interesting Saab story that happened last year in Scotland. With the help of Saab Owners Club Scotland and Perth Cars one very generous Scotsman helped save a Dutch couple’s beloved Saab.

While touring the Scottish Highlands in August of last year, Gerard Heijdra and his wife, from the Netherlands, suffered a breakdown in their Saab and were forced to pull off the road.

After calling a rescue service to be told they would not be able to help them they were eventually towed to the nearest garage by a mechanic. The news was not good – after an anxious wait of a few days Gerard and his wife were told that the damage to the car was irreparable. After saying goodbye to their beloved Saab the Dutch couple returned home by public transport.

Perth Cars Saab

Back home in Holland Gerard called the Saab Owners Club in Scotland to see if anyone would be interested in taking the car for parts. Not long after this Gerard received a call from Euan Headridge – this turned out to be the start of a remarkable SAAB rescue operation.

Read the rest of this story and how it ended up on ORIO UK website.

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  • We have a Saab 9.3 vector 175 BHP auto on finance, in 12 months we have ended up paying £700 in keeping her on the road we have been waiting for a part from Saab that has no release date and having carried on paying insurance and finance since march in the hope of this item been delivered. We have reluctantly decided we can no longer keep paying out and have asked finance company to collect her. We have had to payout for another cheap motor for my husbands work. Just wanted to show that we havent given up lightly on her Saab.

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