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Wired: Saab’s Weird Joystick-Controlled Car Wasn’t a Super Idea

Saab 9000 Drive-by-wireSaab 9000 Drive-by-wire

Wired magazine that reports on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy and politics, published today known interesting story about Saab Drive-by-Wire concept from 1992.

Of course, for them too, Saab was always quirky in a cool way. The test car SAAB 9000, even has side-mounted joystick instead of a steering wheel.

The system is fail-safed with reserve hydraulic preasure and electrical power. Saab’s research tide into Europe’s Eureka PROMETHEUS smart highway program (PROgraMme for a European Traffic of Highest Efficiency and Unprecedented Safety, 1987-1995).

The Prometheus was part of a broader pan-European program that drew funding and expertise from governments, automakers and suppliers to make cars safer, cleaner and quieter.

The joystick-Saab was just one idea; other projects included things like adaptive cruise control and IR camera systems that identify things in low light or poor conditions.

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