Winter Driving Safety Tips

Saab Ice Driving

Even the most skilled drivers can lose control in wintery weather conditions. Blame something called black ice.

Even heavy snowfall is problematic. The trick is to be careful and take your time while driving. That takes some maturity and patience, and not everyone has clued in to this bit of common sense.

Saab Winter Tips


While some vehicles are well-suited for the snow, some are not and require preparation and know-how to keep the car under control:

  1. Get your car serviced regularly
  2. Buy snow tires or add chains to your existing tires if you live in a very snowy climate
  3. Practice driving in winter weather.
  4. Put a few sandbags directly over the rear axle if you have a rear-drive vehicle.
  5. Look ahead and keep a very safe distance from the vehicles in front of you (double the distance you normally would).
  6. Ease up on the gas if your car starts to slip in place while you’re trying to accelerate from a standstill.
  7. Drive slowly and carefully.
  8. When stopping plan well in advance, apply the brakes gently, and slowly add pressure rather than fast sudden braking
  9. There is much confusion caused by the ambiguity used when instructions are given regarding skidding and the direction of the skid.
  10. If the car does not seem to turn, or turns too wide, easing off of the throttle lightly might do.
  11. If the car is hydroplaning: gently ease off of the throttle without lifting off of it completely.
  12. Don’t accelerate while turning!
  13. Many people are understandably terrified of hills in wintry driving conditions.
  14. If the car’s front windshield is overridden with fumes, turning the A/C on air-recirculation, with a front window slightly open, will remove the moist more quickly, unless the inside of the car is very hot and moist, where the A/C is better turned on “Fresh Air”.

Failure to follow these instructions, it is very possible to happen something unexpected and unwanted:



  • Great tips- we don’t get such harsh weather conditions here in the UK but nonetheless the above points are important as driving in the winter is just always so difficult- i’ve noticed a lot of UK drivers don’t change to winter tyres during this season, maybe because the weather conditions aren’t as harsh as we think they should be for them? but it’s not all about snow, they can make gripping on the road so much easier, particularly when we get that predictable sheet of ice- it’s a shame this isn’t pushed more here as it could prevent so many incidences!

  • When driving on a snowy road, it is a must that you prepare the car. Have a check-up on the engine and tires of the car. This will help you to have a smooth and easy drive.

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