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Winner of the $3000 Turbo Challenge: Saab 900 WaSAABi

Saab 900 WassabiSaab 900 Wassabi

MARTY & MOOG from MIGHTY CAR MODS have reached the end of $3000 Turbo Challenge. Through the tenth episode we were interesting to see what they are doing and how much they can achieve in the field of tuning.

However, they only managed to make stock power from the Saab despite adding an aftermarket boost controller and a big front mount intercooler. Similar results they have achieved with the EVO.

$3000 Turbo Challenge: Saab 900 WaSAABi
$3000 Turbo Challenge: Saab 900 WaSAABi

Finale consisted of several interesting challenges, but in the end we had a quarter mile race. The boys go head to head in a series of challenges submitted by fans to see which car will be victorious in the inaugural $3000 Budget Turbo Car Challenge.

Here’s the final episode of the Mighty Car Mods challenge, introduction can be found here, and the development of the whole challenge here:

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